Blk 925 Yishun Central 1, #01-235 Singapore 760925

Customers will get to pick and choose from a variety of cooked or uncooked ingredients like tofu, leafy  vegetables, tau kee (beancurd skin) parcels stuffed with minced pork, boiled eggs, seaweed, bitter gourd stuffed with fish paste  etc.


Once you’ve picked your ingredients (most stalls usually require a minimum of 6 pieces), pass the bowl to the stallholder who will cook them. You can request for kosong (soup without any noodles), or noodles in soup or dry noodles with the soup in a separate bowl.


You can choose different types of noodles (bee hoon, mee sua, yellow noodles) and some stalls have helpful displays of noodle samples. It’s also quite common for stalls to sell laksa gravy to go with your yong tau foo but for that, you might want to choose ingredients that would really go with laksa like tau pok or tofu puff.

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