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When one steps into the shop, what will first attract you is the unique puppy and small animals display. This open display concept not only attracts curious customers but allows one to view the pets clearly, with no visual blockage. The pets are allowed to roam freely with the ample space. The tidy, well laid-out shop with its neatly arranged products makes the shopping experience for customers a much easier and enjoyable one. Given its spaciousness, Little Pets Kingdom carries a wide range of products such as dogs, cats, birds and small animals' food, treats, accessories, grooming implements and pet apparels.

For the busy pet owners, Little Pets Kingdom has a team of certified and experience pet groomers on hand to tend to your pet's needs. Having a see-through glass panel, owners while waiting can relax in our resting lounge and view their pets being pampered and professionally groomed by our groomers.

For those who love and care for animals, our grooming academy led by our master groomer graduated from an international recognised Japan Academy will equip you with the skills to be professional in this fun and rewarding career. As a qualified professional groomer you will then be able to pursue your love of animals, while earning a good salary. Pet grooming courses range from basic pet grooming courses for the beginnings to professional pet grooming courses for those who are interested to pursue pet grooming as a career. The students will be evaluated on Technical, Profile and Professional skill upon completion of each course. An international certificate of graduation will be awarded to students who had successfully completed the course.

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